MIDORI Reference 2


MIDORI is a reference database of DNA and amino acid sequences, which can be used for taxonomic assignments of all Eukaryota mitochondrial DNA sequences. Currently, the databases are available for download in six formats: RDP Classifier, MOTHUR, QIIME, SPINGO, SINTAX, and BLAST+.

New databases based on GenBank release 248 (as of February 2022) are available now  



Note: Since version GB237, MIDORI reference 2 includes not only Metazoan but also all Eukaryota sequences. 

Since version GB242, MIDORI reference 2 provides two types of databases, 1) including (_sp) and 2) not including sequences with binomial species-level identity. 

Since version GB243, we also provide amino acid sequence databases.  

Leray et al. (in prep.)